’s 2021 Wrapped Up


It’s time to reflect on a year marked by new all-time highs, the NFT explosion, and a profound appreciation for YOU–the people ushering in the new era of crypto.

In the same way your favorite music player might “wrap” your personal tastes and listening trends into a tight summary, here’s your 2021 “wrapped up” style.

Your Private Key Wallet Wrapped Up

Just kidding.

We can’t access your Private Key Wallet.

As always, holding your funds in your Private Key Wallet offers you complete and total control over your crypto. Just as Satoshi intended.

But how did the Wallet change in 2021?

The Wallet Wrapped Up

With millions of new users creating new accounts in 2021, we worked nonstop to make more assets available, including the addition of ERC-20 support.

Since we made swapping cryptos inside your Wallet easier than ever before, we saw many popular pairs emerge. Notice any trends?

Whatever you were using your Wallet for, it was certainly keeping the network busy.

In 2021, on-chain Bitcoin volume from topped $378 billion.


The Exchange Wrapped Up

The Exchange got its fair share of new asset listings from DESO to EFI to SUSHI and DOT. In all, you got access to 18 new assets in 2021.

Interestingly, our top performing pairs on the Exchange differed from those seen in the Wallet.

Crypto Culture Wrapped

Collins English Dictionary selected NFT as its Word Of The Year in 2021.

Who’s shocked? Not you.

You’ve sat through months of your friends and family asking the same questions: “So, what is



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