$6 Billion Dollar Asset Backed Security Token DiGau Started Trading On CryptoSX Today


MANILA, PHILIPPINES/ ACCESSWIRE/ January 11, 2022/ CryptoSX Digital Asset Exchange happily reveals the launching trading of the world’s biggest STO, Self-respect Corp. native token, DIGau on CryptoSX today. US-Based Dignity Corp. has actually secured $20 Billion in extra gold, silver, platinum and unusual earth aspects mining reserves together with mill processing operations. On-site mill centers have been restored and refurbished with a brand-new investment of $2.0 MM. A scheduled upgrade, adding state-of-the-art mechanical metals separation devices and centrifuges, along with additional eco-friendly resource recovery strategies is arranged after the initial 90-day operations that commenced this month.

“DIGau will be the gold requirement in asset-backed security token offering. The Company and management team is totally devoted to using security tokens to unlock values and brand-new ways of purchasing US rare-earth elements, mining and mineral sectors, benefiting investors globally.” CryptoSX CEO, Philip Tam discussed excitedly. “We see a large following of Dignity Corp from continental Europe who has actually been waiting patiently for the listing and trading of DIGau. Let the party start as we welcome all the existing token holders and those seeking to join us on this interesting journey.”

Self-respect Corp. is a blockchain advancement business that relies on a regulation-forward approach and security tokens to open new ways of purchasing United States’ rare-earth elements, mining, and minerals sector.

“We’re delighted to note the DIGau token on CryptoSX and broaden access to the gold reserves-backed security that already has a strong base of financier interest,” stated Kent M. Swig, …



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