Cardano IDO LaunchPad “Coollaunch” Begins Seed Sale


< img src=" "alt=""> To Early Adopters, Sells Out 5% Of $COOL Tokens In Hours

Zurich, Switzerland,– Coollaunchan IDO Platform on the Cardano blockchain is delighted to reveal the launch of its SeedSale.

Coollaunch when launched will host a suite of DeFi tailored options for Cardano as lined out in their whitepaper. Developed to deliver market leading launchpad capabilities such as a fully decentralized Cardano native IDO launchpad, DEX tools, and liquidity pools.

Seed Sale Particulars:

Seed Sale Date: 11th January, 2022

Seed Sale Close Date:

11th February, 2022 or until Token Allotment is Used Up

Seed Sale Allocation:

70,000,000 COOL Tokens


1 ADA = 666 $COOL

Seed Sale Link: with its two-round mechanism makes sure every tier level gets assigned depending upon stake. is also dealing with striking partnerships with influencers, marketing partners and KEVM developers resulting in a robust item.

Multi-Chain Assistance making sure that Metaverse, NFT and video gaming jobs have the ability to raise capital despite the Blockchain.

$COOl Token

$COOL is the utility token developed on the Cardano Blockchain that will power the COOLLAUNCH.IO Community, $Cool Token will be used as a membership token to access the COOLLAUNCH.IO IDO platform.

Cool Governance:

The COOLLAUNCH community is approved the power to authorize all Cardano jobs submitted on our Launchpad by methods of governance events. $COOL holders can be able to …



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