DeFi 3.0 – A Pathway Forward


The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is easily one the most potent and promising parts of the world’s growing finance industry. As the name implies, decentralized finance removes central authorities and intermediaries from the sector, granting the public direct access to financial products at the best possible rates. Essentially, banks and other financial institutions can no longer exert their control over the market, putting the power into the hands of everyday individuals.

There are several advantages to using DeFi. One of the most noticeable is the autonomy it provides the public. Through DeFi, people transacting in the finance sector using various products have total control of their funds and can channel them as preferred. Also, DeFi does not enforce heavy restrictions on access to these financial products, unlike the traditional system that reserves many products to high net worth individuals. Another advantage of DeFi is reduced fees; since there are no intermediary banks or financial institutions, customers do not have to worry about the substantial fees these entities charge.

Today, several entities have seen the ease DeFi brings to the industry, and are looking to use this technology to disrupt the global finance sector. Some are launching new products, while others have goals for the general improvement of the market – one of these entities is the DeFi 3.0 Alliance.

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What is the DeFi…



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