The New Explorer


The world of crypto just got a lot easier to navigate

Today we’re introducing a brand new Explorer that features the most important information on the crypto ecosystem–all in one place.

Before diving into what’s new, it’s worth taking a step back and revisiting how we got here.

The History of the Explorer

When we first introduced the Explorer back in 2011, our goal was simple–provide an easy way to understand what’s happening in the crypto ecosystem, starting with Bitcoin.

Our original Bitcoin Explorer solved this by surfacing information on mined blocks, transactions, and key statistics from the Bitcoin blockchain. It quickly became one of the most visited sites in crypto and a go-to source for analysts, traders, and enthusiasts alike.

The original Bitcoin Explorer circa October 2011.

Over the years, the crypto landscape has expanded significantly. And, with it, so has our offering.

With the rise of new protocols and assets, we added new Explorers to support the growing ecosystem. This included the Ethereum Explorer (introduced in 2018) and Bitcoin Cash Explorer (introduced in 2019).

The Ethereum Explorer was introduced in October 2018.

And as new use cases emerged, we continued to add more data and insights. In 2021, we introduced the NFT and DeFi Explorers to help users better understand and participate in these burgeoning ecosystems.

The NFT Explorer was introduced in November 2021.

With all this information now available at your fingertips (and certainly more to…



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