Coinbase Derivatives Exchange to make nano bitcoin futures available through leading brokers



  • Coinbase Derivatives Exchange (formerly FairX) will launch its first listed crypto derivatives product on June 27, 2022: Nano Bitcoin futures contract (BIT), with each contract sized at 1/100th of a bitcoin.
  • Upon the June 27th launch, BIT futures will be accessible for trading via several leading third-party retail brokers and clearing firms.
  • Coinbase Financial Markets is awaiting approval for its license to operate a futures commission merchant (“FCM”) to be able to offer futures directly to our clients.

By Boris Ilyevsky, Head of Coinbase Derivatives Exchange

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, a CFTC regulated Designated Contract Markets (DCM) futures exchange, will launch its first listed crypto derivatives product on June 27: Nano Bitcoin futures (BIT). Initially, BIT futures will be available for trading via several leading broker intermediaries, including retail brokers EdgeClear, Ironbeam, NinjaTrader, Optimus Futures, Stage 5, and Tradovate, and clearing firms ABN AMRO, ADMIS, Advantage Futures, ED&F Man, Ironbeam and Wedbush. Coinbase is awaiting regulatory approval on its own futures commission merchant (FCM) license so we can offer margined futures contracts directly to our clients.

Transforming FairX into Coinbase Derivatives Exchange married a world-class team with deep expertise across product development, market structure, compliance, market-leading exchange technology and a proven ability to deliver listed futures, with Coinbase’s commitment of building products that are easy-to-understand, fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent.

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