Coinbase Cloud launches platform for web3 developers


Starting today, developers have free and instant blockchain API access with Node by Coinbase Cloud

TL;DR: Coinbase Cloud enables web3 developers to build their web3 applications with instant and reliable read/write blockchain access using Node.

By Luv Kothari, Group Product Manager, Coinbase Cloud; Sriram Raman, Product Manager, Coinbase Cloud

Web3 development is complex. One needs to learn new programming languages, blockchain technologies, and on top of that, there are many protocols to support. Coinbase Cloud is committed to helping Web3 developers do what they do best… BUIDL. That’s why we’re taking our experience developing Web3 products for DeFi, staking and blockchain infrastructure and making this technology accessible for free to developers around the world, starting with the launch of Node.

Node empowers developers to build and monitor their Web3 applications from an easy-to-use platform with instant read/write access to blockchains and powerful data indexers to speed up responses.

Node, formerly known as Query & Transact, has been serving dedicated, paid nodes to enterprises for read/write access to 25+ blockchains since 2020.

Since then, we’ve been listening to the developer community and heard a demand for a developer version of Node. Which is why we are launching a free plan for developers building on Ethereum, providing self-serve and instant accessibility to blockchain nodes via API. Additionally, we are launching new Advanced APIs to simplify querying the blockchain and powerful new NFT APIs to developers around the world.



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